About Life Connections

We have a team to serve your counseling needs.

We value your spiritual life. Although we work from a traditional Christian perspective, we want to support your spiritual growth, not impose our beliefs on you.

We understand human development and human emotion, and seek to understand you in the context of your total life history. What happens to us relationally and emotionally as we are developing often shapes our futures in harmful ways. We can help you sort through these relational influences and identify problematic emotions in order to live a more intentional and satisfactory life.

We only offer our services on a fee-for-services basis. Health insurance will pay for treatment of a mental illness, but many people come to see a counselor for reasons other than a mental illness. Furthermore, the diagnosis of a mental illness can follow a person long after the problem has been resolved. That is why we believe that a fee-for-services arrangement offers you the best value for your money. You, not an insurance corporation, chose your therapist. You can get an appointment quickly, usually within the week you call, without needing to get permission from a third party. You, not someone who does not know you, determine how many sessions you want to see a counselor. And you are in charge of your treatment, so you set the goals.

We have high accountability. Our clinical staff members receive weekly individual and group supervision of their work. Furthermore, as a non-profit, 501(c)3 charitable organization, we have a board of directors who oversee the organization through twice yearly meetings with the director.


Our counselors set their fees based on their training and years of experience. You may discuss your fee and any special circumstances with your counselor. We accept cash, checks, or major credit cards.

Phone/Online Counseling

We can provide telephone or internet based counseling via SKYPE. Please ask your counselor if this means of connection would be helpful to you.

Our passion is to see lives changed through Christian counseling.