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Fully Functonal

Martin Luther was ambivalent about the book of James. He called it the “Gospel of straw” because it did not mention Jesus Christ or salvation by grace. However, the early church valued it enough to add it to the cannon, the list of books considered to be inspired, written by humans and God in a mysterious literary cooperation that revealed …

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January 24, 2015 Marriage Seminar

Unfortunately, this seminar has been postponed until May 16. We will publicize it again nearer that time. Spend time evaluating your roles and defining expectations for your marriage! The Care Ministries of Van Dyke Church, with the help of Katherine McKinney, Ph.D. and  Judy Weyand, MA, from Life Connections Counseling Center, will present a marriage seminar. The cost is $20 per …

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Abuse and Domestic Violence: The Silent Epidemic

by Virginia Pignato, MA, LMHC It was all over the evening news…again. A man walked into the sanctuary of the church with a loaded gun and shot two pastors in the head, before he was tackled by two parishioners. It was later discovered that before he arrived at the church he had shot and killed his wife at their home …

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Preventing Suicides

by Virginia Pignato, MA, LMHC The news came as a shock: someone I have known for quite some time had taken her own life. This was incomprehensible. This sister in Christ had been a “tower of strength” and a great source of support and encouragement to others, especially to Christian women. She had ministered to dozens of hurting Christian women …

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Life Connections is 20 Years Old

October marks the 20th year that Life Connections, as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation, has been providing Christian counseling to the communities in Tampa and North Hillsborough County. We started in October 1993 with two clinical staff member and one financial director/office manager. By January 1994 we added a second counselor. Now, 20 years later, we have a staff …

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Some people just don’t listen. For example, the talkers, the monopolizers, and the last-worders. What they have to say trumps what others have to say. Can’t tell them anything because they already know it all. We can also recognize the distracted ones. Try to talk to them and you realize they are not fully present. They respond to texts when …

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A Journey within a Labyrinth: A Client Testimonial about Counseling at Life Connections

I faced my first therapy appointment with dread and reluctance. After a brief introduction and an explanation of her policies, the therapist asked me about the abuse. Fighting back tears, I recounted the details of my past for the very first time. I then paused as I waited for the sky to fall down on me or for the therapist …

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A Christian Approach to Discipline

by Mimi Phillips, LCSW In today’s society we hear reports of increased child abuse in families. As a therapist working with families, I also hear of families who have had abuse reports made against them for how they discipline their child. After an investigation these reports are often determined to be unfounded, but the family still has to go through …

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Uncertain and Unexpected Battles

by Alan Alonso, MA, LMHC We recently celebrated Memorial Day in honor of the men and women who served our country in order to protect our rights and freedoms. Many have sacrificed their lives on our behalf. I can’t help but think of the numerous battles and wars that have been fought over the centuries by people who knew not …

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Parenting Strong-Willed Children,

by Becky Guagliardo, MS Parents of strong-willed children often feel exasperated and guilty for the desperate parenting that ensues in response their child’s defiance. Sometimes parents feel guilty because they believe they are to blame for their child’s defiant nature. Although some parents may make critical errors with an extremely passive parenting style, others are only to blame for their …

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