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A verbal YouTube video

I was daydreaming, although I prefer to call it imaginative problem solving. I have found that just letting my mind wander often takes it to places that are unforeseen and brings insights, understandings, and even questions that I had not thought of before. As a result, I end up with a new perspective that solves a problem I had ignored. …

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What I learned about myself when my friend drove me to Ocala

I needed a ride to Ocala, FL, just over an hour away from home. My wife was not available, so I asked my friend to drive me. I will call him Carl. He picked me up and drove me up I-75. If you know me, you will likely see me as a gentle, thoughtful, and playful guy. However, you will …

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Me and Mona Lisa

I had the fun privilege of being in the Louvre recently, where the Mona Lisa lives. We found her easily by following the signs and the people. She has a wall to herself, and lives beneath a Plexiglas shield to protect her from art terrorists. And in person she is much smaller than you might think. Most people, I noticed, …

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A Christian Psychologist looks at the Lord’s Prayer

For all of our differences, Christians over the ages and across cultures all share a love for the Lord’s Prayer, the prayer that Jesus Christ taught his disciples when they asked how to pray. We may call it the Lord’s Prayer, the Our Father, or the Pater Noster, but we say it because we believe that Jesus knew something about …

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My New Understanding of the Parable of the Talents

Jesus, in Matthew 25:14-28, tells a story about a man who goes on a long trip and entrusts his money to three servants. One gets 5 bags (or talents) of silver, another 2 bags, and a third 1 bag. The first two invest the silver. The last guy buries his. When the owner comes back, he asks for an accounting. …

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What I Learned about Myself from my GPS and its Mistakes

Over the past month, I have travelled with my wife to places we don’t know very well, planning on using a smart phone with GPS to find our way. I came to distrust my GPS, as I will explain. We were looking for a furniture refinisher in middle Georgia. We had the address, typed it in, followed the voice prompts, …

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Humility and Boldness

Christians consider humility a core virtue, but we usually misunderstand the nature of humility. We imagine that humility leads to low assertiveness, to dependence on the opinions of others, and to a general low sense of self. We can’t imagine that anyone would desire humility. The narrator telling the story of Moses, who led the people of Israel from Egypt …

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What I Learned about Belonging at a Reunion

I recently attended a reunion of kids, all now adults, who grew up where I grew up (Some I had not seen since 1966, when I left.). People would call us Third Culture Kids (TCK’s), because our parents came from the USA, but we grew up in Liberia, West Africa. We don’t have full membership in our parents’ culture, nor …

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What I Learned about Life at a Funeral

I just came from a funeral for a 78 year old woman who attended our church. We knew her for only 3 years, but in that time she found her way into the hearts of everybody, from 5 years old kids to 70 plus years old adults. She came to us because of her fight against lung cancer and COPD. …

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We experience loneliness psychologically, not geographically. We can feel lonely with plenty of people near us, and not feel lonely when no one else is around. Two married people living in the same house may suffer from loneliness, as may a boss at the top of an organization. Those who have failed may be overwhelmed by loneliness, as may those …

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