A verbal YouTube video

I was daydreaming, although I prefer to call it imaginative problem solving. I have found that just letting my mind wander often takes it to places that are unforeseen and brings insights, understandings, and even questions that I had not thought of before. As a result, I end up with a new perspective that solves a problem I had ignored.

One day as I was daydreaming, I had an image of a muddy courtyard outside a Gothic cathedral. I saw a young boy on his knees in the mud. At this point, I thought, I don’t know what is going to happen, but this would be a cool YouTube video. So I kept going.

The boy was watching the priest in the cathedral conduct Holy Mass for a group of fellow priests. The priests were all in shining white robes. The boy was in rags. He was kneeling because he was watching the priest and doing what the priest was doing, and the priest was kneeling at that moment in the ritual.

The boy wanted to be part of the ritual. He longed to worship God, but because he was dirty, in rags, and shoeless, he was sure he would not be accepted in the church.

The priest bowed his head. At this point, I took on the viewpoint of the young boy. In my day dream I bowed my head, a part of me still thinking, what a cool video this would be.

And then someone reaches under my chin and lifts my head, and Jesus is standing there in radiant white and looks me in the eye and says, “You are forgiven and I have accepted you.”

That is why I am a Christian—I follow a God who knows who I am, who continues to accept me, and who infiltrates my daydreaming with his love. That would make a cool YouTube video.

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