What I learned about myself when my friend drove me to Ocala

I needed a ride to Ocala, FL, just over an hour away from home. My wife was not available, so I asked my friend to drive me. I will call him Carl. He picked me up and drove me up I-75. If you know me, you will likely see me as a gentle, thoughtful, and playful guy. However, you will also hear me talk about my driving.

I like to say that I am an assertive driver. Friends may use different words to describe my driving. I like to get to where I am going as quickly as possible while obeying the speed limit, plus 5 MPH. As a result, I find myself impatient with other drivers. I have a list of what other drivers do that hinder my goal—brake before they are in the slow-down lane, pull out in front of my so I have to brake when there are no cars behind me for a quarter mile, or when the light turns green take some time to decide if they still want to be driving the direction they are going. I know that my list has an unhealthy dose of self-righteousness in it. God has been working with me on that issue.

However, when I watched Carl drive, God gave me a model of a patient, unhurried, and respectful driver. When the light turned green, he did not get upset when the car in front took a bit longer to find the accelerator. When very slow moving trucks pulled in front of him, he slowed down and finally passed when there was a normal and safe opportunity. He was relaxed the whole time. I now have a picture of driving that contrasts strongly with how I drive. I can use that model to help change my driving.

And why did Carl’s driving stand out to me? He was driving a 2015 Corvette, a car that goes from 0-60 in 2.95 seconds. That is one fast car. And he drove like a gentleman. Help me, God, drive like a gentleman.

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